Robin_Hamm JerseyGirlJox is a woman-owned company based in the Bay Area of Northern California, where year ’round sports are a way of life.

Our business is all about giving women’s sports and female athletes they respect the deserve. We’re sports fans and memorabilia collectors and had a hard time finding things to collect of our sports sheroes. And so www.GirlJox.com was born.

At our www.GirlJoxStore.com you will find all kinds of Girls Sports and Girl Power products and Women’s Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles.


We are proud to offer Superior Quality, Fair Prices and Exceptional Customer Service.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions and High Fives are always welcome and encouraged!

We may best be reached by:

Email: [email protected]

NOTE: GirlJox.com started out as Girl-Jocks.com. She got a bit sassy as she grew up, so changed and shortened her name. Enjoy!

You may also reach us by filling out the form below:

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